Bubble nylon (shock absorber)

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Bubble nylon (shock absorber), maybe when we all hear the name bubble nylon, the first thing that comes to our mind is our childhood memories with these nylons and bursting them. A subject that brings us a special pleasure with peace.

Bubble nylon, which is also called shock absorber or bubble plastic, is actually nylon for packing various items and protecting them from multiple impacts. You have definitely used these products while moving furniture or when you wanted to send a breakable item to someone.

These nylons have many small bubbles on their surface that are filled with air during manufacturing. The task of these bubbles is to effectively reduce the impact force on the object that is wrapped inside it. Therefore, with their special structure, they create a soft bed so that there is no damage to the equipment.
Bubble nylon material and its characteristics
These nylons owe many of their characteristics to the type of material used in their structure. Polyethylene is used as a raw material for the production of these products. Then air bubbles are added to it and it is ready for use.

Safety: The most important feature of these products is their safety and effective protection of the packaged items. We can almost say that there is no other material at this level that can replace these nylons and have their efficiency.
Sound and heat insulation: It is interesting to know that bubble plastic is one of the best heat and sound insulation. For this reason, many people use them as a secondary application to prevent heat loss and also to repel disturbing sounds in the environment.
Easy to work with: just wrap this shock absorber around the device you want. Your packing work is done so easily and you can make sure that the items will not be damaged.
Preventing equipment from getting dirty: Since the material of these nylons is plastic, it can be said that they are impervious to almost all liquids and dust. This issue can have a great impact on keeping things clean.

Appearance characteristics of bubble plastic
These nylons are usually designed and produced in widths of 10 to 220 cm to cover the needs of all users. It is also possible to produce them in single layer, two layer, three layer and even five layer. The more layers the product has, the more impact strength it has and can be used to pack larger items.

Bubbles on nylon also have different sizes. The diameter of these capsules is usually 10 to 30 mm and their height is 10 to 12 mm. In general, these nylons are divided into two categories, large and small bubbles, in terms of the size of the bubbles, each of which is suitable for packing certain items.
Types of bubble nylon
According to its characteristics and the type of design, there are different types of bubble plastic, each of which has its own shape and structure. Of course, it should be said that these nylons can be designed and produced in different colors such as white, blue, red and silver. In the following, we will mention the types of these nylons:

bag model
Nylon envelope
Cut type
Two-dimensional bubble nylon (this model is the most suitable option for packaging materials such as glass with large dimensions).
3D bubble nylon (due to their high thickness and high impact strength, they are used to pack large items with a large volume).
Second-grade bubble plastic (this model has a cheaper price than first-grade plastic and about 30% of recycled materials are used in its structure).

Points you should pay attention to when buying bubble nylon
The first point is to pay attention to the size of the device you intend to pack. In fact, the larger the size of the equipment, the thicker nylon is needed. Also, the quality of nylons is very important. Because sometimes, due to the thinness of the nylon, the bubbles are easily pierced and lose their effect.

Note that these nylons can be used for packing wooden items, glass items, breakables, packing mechanical tools, packing sensitive computer parts and valves. Therefore, to avoid breaking the devices or scratching them, be sure to use high-quality products.

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