Polyethylene foam

Rolled polyethylene foam + unique features of polyfoam
Rolled polyethylene foam, also called PE Foam for short, is a material produced from compressed polyethylene with tiny air bubbles. Actually, when the temperature of polyethylene is high, air bubbles are injected into it, which will turn into polyethylene foam after cooling.

For the first time, an American chemist named Hansvon Pechman was able to discover a white and waxy compound by heating diazomethane, which was later named polyethylene. This substance is a petroleum product that is converted into polyethylene foam in factories, which has different types, the two types of polyethylene foam, rolls and sheets, are among the most widely used.

These foams are also called polyfoam or foam roll and there are no other additives in their structure (unless the customer wants to add a special substance such as color) and they do not have any smell, taste or toxic substance. Also, these products have a very long useful life, so that they can be used for decades.
Features of rolly polyethylene foam
Foam roll is very soft and flexible. This feature has made it possible to use it in different conditions without the least damage. This product has high cell density due to air bubbles in its structure. In the following, we will examine several features of this foam:

Sound insulation: Due to its closed cell structure, this foam is one of the best sound insulators and can effectively trap sound vibrations and prevent their transmission. For this reason, in the process of acoustics, roll polyethylene foam is used in thicknesses of 2 to 4 cm.
Heat and cold insulation: Polyfoam has a function similar to double-glazed windows due to the presence of air bubbles in its structure. Except that it does it with much more power. Therefore, they use it as heat and cold insulation. Thinner types of polyethylene foam are used to insulate the floors of houses and rooms. These products are also used to insulate hot water pipes. Because they can withstand the temperature range of -35 degrees to +90 degrees Celsius.
Application in the packaging industry: the very soft structure of roll polyethylene foam makes it possible to use it in the packaging of various supplies. The soft structure along with the shock-absorbing feature will keep the packed items healthy.
Complete moisture insulation: Polyfoam is completely resistant to water and moisture penetration. Its integrated structure prevents the penetration of any kind of liquid and makes it suitable for use in wet environments. Also, this product has a high resistance against dilute acidic and corrosive liquids and is not damaged.
Resistant to the penetration of harmful insects: One of the interesting features of rolly polyethylene foam is its resistance to the penetration of insects. This issue can widen the applications of polyfoam.

Investigating the characteristics of foam roll
These foams are produced in different thicknesses of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 cm in different colors and in different lengths. They are also completely neutral substances and do not react with other substances in the environment.

Their heat transfer coefficient is about 0.042 at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, which is a very small value. They have a very low density, so that each cubic meter weighs only 20 to 25 kg. Rolled polyethylene foam can be uncoated. However, it is also possible to prepare its coated type (aluminum coating).

Polyfoam is resistant to biological contamination and is very easy to transport. Its installation is done without the slightest problem and it has a very high adhesive ability.
The use of rolly polyethylene foam
In addition to the mentioned items, these products have other wide applications in different industries due to their premium features, which can be mentioned as follows:

Application in decorative industries
Use in street light washers and public facilities
Production of sports, club and plastic flooring
Application in the mattress industry in order to produce sports mattresses as well as medical mattresses
Use as insulation in facilities, tanks, chicken farms and sheds instead of glass wool and stone.
Used in the automotive industry in the dashboard, behind the car lights, sun visor, car roof and car door

The most important point for using polyfoams is their high quality. In fact, poor quality foams become stiff, hard and brittle over time and will no longer have the necessary efficiency. For many years, Hibab Sahel production group has been able to satisfy its users by producing high-quality polyethylene foam rolls by using high-quality raw materials and its many years of knowledge and experience in this field.