Coarse bubble nylon

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What is coarse bubble nylon?

Coarse bubble nylon is a type of packaging material that is used in the process of transporting and storing objects and products. This type of nylon contains a woven nylon layer filled with air bubbles. The bubbles are placed on the nylon surface and the air inside the bubbles is compressed under the pressure applied to them and creates a bubble protective layer on the nylon surface.

Coarse bubble nylon is used as a protective box and product packaging. The air bubbles inside the large bubble nylon act as a spring and absorb the impact energy from the product, thus making the objects inside the package more resistant to bumps and scratches.

Coarse bubble nylon is commonly used in various industrial and commercial applications. Some of its common uses are:

  1. Packaging of vulnerable products: It is used to package products that need protection from scratches and shocks, such as electronic appliances, glassware and pottery, cosmetics, etc.
  1. Industrial packaging: In industries such as transportation, warehousing and mailing, it is used as protective packaging for larger and heavier products.

What materials are needed to produce coarse bubble nylon?

It is used to produce the following raw materials:

  1. Nylon: Nylon is a polymer that consists of repeating units of amine and carboxylic acid. Nylons come in different types and numbers (such as nylon 6, nylon 11, nylon 12, etc.). For the production of coarse bubble nylon, a suitable type of nylon is selected that can provide a suitable resistance to pressure and impact.
  1. Air filling materials: An air filler such as high quality polyethylene is used to create air bubbles in nylon. This material is placed inside the layers of nylon and by applying pressure and heat, air bubbles are created inside the nylon.
  1. Protective layer: In addition to the air bubbles, a layer of woven nylon is placed on the nylon surface as a protective layer. This protective layer strengthens nylon and increases scratch and impact resistance.
  1. Additives: To improve the properties of nylon, additives such as antioxidants, heat stabilizers and dyes may be added to the raw materials.

The exact composition of these ingredients and the manufacturing process may vary depending on the manufacturer and product specifications.

What are the uses of coarse bubble nylon?

It is used in various industries for many purposes. Some of the uses include:

  1. Packaging and protection of fragile products: Coarse bubble nylon is used as an impact-resistant protective layer for the packaging and transportation of fragile products such as cosmetics, electronics, glassware and pottery, fragile foodware, etc.
  1. Industrial packaging: In industries such as transportation, warehousing and mailing, it is used as protective packaging for larger and heavier products. These products may require protection from impact, scratches and shipping hazards.
  1. Protective cover: Coarse bubble nylon can be used as a protective coating against shocks and scratches on various surfaces. It is commonly used in the construction industry, furniture installation, transportation, etc.
  1. Insulation: Due to the presence of air bubbles in nylon, this product can provide good thermal insulation. Therefore, it is used in some applications such as packaging of temperature-sensitive food, transfer of temperature-sensitive materials, and insulation in thermal industries.

What are the factors affecting the price of large bubble nylon?

The price may be affected by several factors. Some of the factors affecting its price are:

  1. Price of raw materials: The price is directly influenced by the price of raw materials such as nylon and air fillers. Changes in the price of these materials can have a direct effect on the price of large bubble nylon.
  1. Demand and supply: The amount of supply and demand can also have a significant effect on the price. If there is high demand and limited supply, the price may increase and vice versa.
  1. Production technology: The technology used in the production of large bubble nylon can also have an effect on its price. More advanced and more efficient technology can reduce production costs and thus lower prices.
  1. Production unit and production location: Coarse bubble nylon production costs may vary depending on the production unit and production location. Production costs, local laws and regulations, labor costs and other mechanical factors may affect the final price.
  1. Added value and brand: Some companies may market themselves as reputable and valuable brands. In this case, the added value of the brand and higher quality may increase the price.

What effects does this product have on the environment?

Coarse bubble nylon, like many plastic products, has environmental impacts. Some of its effects include:

  1. Pollution of lakes and rivers: If not properly managed and disposed of in the environment, it may enter lakes, rivers and other natural waters. These plastic materials can pollute water, soil and marine and aquatic life.
  1. Effects on wildlife: Large pieces of bubble nylon that are dispersed in the environment can act as physical barriers to the movement of dangerous animals such as lakes and rivers and small holes. This can lead to problems for animal movement, feeding and reproduction.
  1. Poisoning living organisms: Like many plastics, it may break down into smaller particles over time and enter the environment in the form of microplastics. These microplastics can receive living organisms and cause poisoning, suffocation and other disturbances in the life of lakes and aquatic ecosystems.
  1. Accumulation in solid waste: Coarse bubble nylon, as a type of plastic, increases the volume of solid waste. These wastes are harmful for burial in the ground, fuels and the environment.

What are the characteristics of the big bubble nylon production machine?

The bubble wrap production machine generally includes a set of units and parts that interact with each other in production. Some of the specifications that are usually found in these devices are:

  1. Extrusion machine: This is the main part of the machine responsible for the production of coarse bubble nylon. The extrusion machine consists of a feed tower for raw materials (such as nylon), a melting unit to melt the material, a mold and matrix to form bubbles, and a cooling unit to cool the resulting nylon.
  1. Air filler material: In the production machine, an air filling unit is usually used to create air bubbles in the nylon and improve its insulating properties. This unit includes an air source (such as a compressor) and a system for injecting and distributing air into the nylon.
  1. Cutting and packing unit: After forming the bubbles, the machine includes a cutting unit to cut the coarse bubble nylon to the required size and a packaging unit for the final packaging of the product.
  1. Control system: The production device may have a control system that improves the control and monitoring of the production process. This system can include sensors, controllers, control panels and displays.

In what designs and sizes is this product produced?

Coarse bubble nylon is produced in various sizes and designs. The various sizes and designs of this product depend on the needs of the market and different applications. Some common sizes and designs include:

  1. Standard width: Coarse bubble nylon is generally produced in standard widths such as 1m, 1.2m and 1.5m. These sizes are used as standard sizes in many product packaging and protections.
  1. Adjustable length: Some production machines allow adjustment of the final bubble length. This allows the user to adjust the size of the bubble according to their needs.
  1. Bubble plot: In addition to size, coarse bubble nylon may be produced in a variety of bubble designs. The bubble pattern can include regular bubbles of specific sizes or irregular patterns with different bubbles.
  1. Color: In addition to the designs, it may also be produced in different colors. A variety of colors allow the user to use for specific cases that require cleanliness, separation or desire for more attractive designs.

Note that these are just some of the common sizes and designs, and there may be other sizes and designs on the market.

Where can you buy large bubble nylon?

Available at most package stores and online stores. Some places you can buy are:

  1. Online stores: As a convenient and accessible method, you can buy from online stores and sites specializing in the sale of packaging products.
  1. Packaging stores: Wrapping and packing supplies stores also generally offer large bubble wrap either wholesale or retail. You can visit your local stores and request to buy from them.
  1. Industrial suppliers: Some companies and manufacturers supply directly to wholesale buyers. If you need high volume or custom orders, you can contact manufacturers and industrial suppliers and check the price and terms of purchase.
  1. Packaging distribution centers: Some distribution centers also offer packaging and packaging supplies in their stores. You can visit such centers in your city and get the product.

How is the market for this product in Iran?

In the Iranian market, coarse bubble nylon is known as a widely used and popular packaging material. This product is available in packaging and packaging supplies stores, online stores, wholesale stores and packaging material distribution centers.

The market in Iran is very competitive and diverse. You can find large bubble wrap in the market in different sizes, designs and colors. Prices are also usually influenced by factors such as size, thickness and quality.

It is usually available in the Iranian market in the form of retail and wholesale. Also, if you need high volume or custom orders, you can contact manufacturers and suppliers directly.

It is important to make sure of the quality of the product, the price and the terms of purchase before buying, and it is recommended to make your purchase from reliable sources by comparing prices and qualities.

What are the advantages of coarse bubble nylon over other similar products?

Compared to other similar products, it has many advantages in product packaging and protection. Some of the advantages of coarse bubble nylon are:

  1. Thermal and sound insulation: It has thermal and sound insulation properties. These features help your products to be protected from temperature changes and external noise.
  1. High impact resistance: Coarse bubble nylon has high impact resistance. This feature protects the products during transportation and prevents them from being damaged and scratched.
  1. Lightweight: Due to its light weight, it is suitable for product protection and is also economical and easy to transport and store.
  1. Recyclability: Most coarse bubble nylon can be recycled and reused. This feature helps preserve the environment and improves environmental sustainability.
  1. Waterproof and moisture resistance: It has waterproof properties and can protect products against moisture and water. This feature is especially useful in the packaging of moisture-sensitive products such as electronics and food products.

Why should you buy this product from Habab Sahel Group?

Hobab Sahel production group is one of the most reliable and famous producers of large bubble nylon. You can have a lot by buying from Sahel Bubble Production Group.

  1. High Quality: Habab Sahel production group uses high quality materials and industrial standards for production. These products have resistance and long life and can protect your products during transportation and storage.
  1. Various options: Sahel Bubble Production Group provides you with all kinds of large bubble nylon designs and sizes. You can buy according to your needs, with desired thickness and size.
  1. customer services: Habab Sahel Production Group provides consulting and sales support services to its customers. They can help you choose the most suitable type of Coarse Bubble Nylon for your needs and provide you with information about using and caring for the products.
  1. competitive price: Habab Sahel Manufacturing Group may offer competitive prices for itself. Due to the high quality and services they provide, the price of buying from them may be more suitable than other suppliers.

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