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Nylon packaging is the most common product for packaging various items in industries, and many items and goods are wrapped in these nylons and sent to different points to be available to the public. These nylons are almost the backbone of the packaging industry and are among the most widely used materials in this field.

Features such as transparency, high flexibility, convenient use, high resistance to sunlight and environmental factors, and the ability to accurately adjust the thickness have made many industries use such nylons for packaging their goods.

Types of nylon packaging

These products have 5 different types, each of which has its own dimensions, thickness, characteristics and applications.

1. Nylon shearing

Shirings are widely used in the packaging of different materials and they have single-layer and multi-layer types, the multi-layer type has more weight bearing capacity. The most famous example of nylon shearing is the packaging of soft drinks, which are held together in sets of 6 and 12 by nylon shearing.

These nylons have very good strength. They are gathered by heat and after cooling they wrap well around the desired product. Another feature of these products is the possibility of printing any desired text on them.

2. Nylon pallet band or stretch

Nylon pallet strap or stretch is the best product for packing items with large dimensions. If you look at the seats of cars with zero kilometers or newly purchased furniture, you will notice that there is nylon around them, which is stretch nylon.

This nylon prevents the accumulation of dust and static electricity with its antistatic property. Therefore, you can be sure that your product will remain clean for a long time. These products have different applications and they can even be used in the agricultural industry and for packing large items.

3. Nylon food packaging

This category is a special type of plastic that is used only for food packaging. Since the health institutions have a very strict supervision of the production process and also the type of raw materials used, food grade raw materials are used to make these nylons. Because the most important thing about food nylon is their hygiene.

These nylons are commonly known as cellophane and can be said to be in everyone’s home. The thickness of cellophane is less compared to other types of nylons, and it also has a special adhesive property that helps to pack food more easily and cleanly. Also, by preventing air contact with food, cellophane applies its protective effect on food and keeps it fresh.

4. Bubble nylon

Bubble plastics are products that have air capsules on their surface and create a soft space for goods. They are considered the best option for packing sensitive goods such as computer kits and parts and breakable items. Bubble plastic is produced in different sizes and protects the equipment well from environmental impacts.

5. Cucumber packing nylon

It is interesting to know that initially these nylons were used only for packing cucumbers in order to keep them fresh, but gradually they were used for packing other fruits and vegetables and today they are widely used. These nylons both protect the fruits from rotting and in case one of the fruits rots, they prevent the damage from being transmitted to other fruits.

Applications of nylon packaging and factors affecting its price

The price of nylon packaging depends on various factors. The size of nylon, printing or not printing writings on it, thickness, type of nylon, quality of raw materials, type of raw materials, overall quality of nylon and the amount of custom additives desired by the customer are among the factors that affect the final price of these products.

In addition to the cases mentioned so far, these nylons have other uses in various cases, such as:

  • Prevent dust from settling on goods and objects
  • As a liner inside the barrels containing glue and concentrate
  • Packaging of dried fruits such as sugar, pistachios, raisins and tea
  • Preventing leakage of materials in sacks containing powders such as chemical fertilizers and petrochemical products

Where are the most uses of nylon packaging?

Most of the uses of nylon packaging around the world are used in the following sectors:

  1. Food industry: food packaging, including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products, and ready-to-eat products, has a high consumption of nylon. Due to the need to maintain freshness, prevent contact with air, and protect antioxidants and preservatives, these foods are often placed in nylon packaging.
  1. Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical products also use nylon packaging due to the need to maintain quality, shelf life and prevent bacterial and air pollution. Tablets, capsules, drops and other products are placed in nylon packaging in this industry.
  1. Cosmetics industry: Skin care products, cosmetics such as creams, shampoos, lotions and perfumes are also widely marketed in nylon packaging
  1. Home appliance industry: Items such as electrical appliance packaging, small household appliances such as wet wipes, cleaning containers and trash cans also use nylon for packaging.
  1. Garment industry: In some cases, packaging of clothes, bags and shoes

When producing nylon packaging, what are considered to improve the environment?

The production of nylon packaging can improve the environment by considering the following:

  1. Use of recycled materials: Manufacturers can use recycled materials, i.e. recyclable nylon, to produce packaging. This work reduces the use of natural resources and reduces the production of plastic waste.
  1. Optimizing the packaging design: The packaging design should be such that it reduces the consumption of materials and also provides the necessary resistance and protection for the products. Using less thickness of nylon and designing recyclable and degradable packaging in nature can help the environment.
  1. Improving production processes: Manufacturers can use more efficient and effective methods to produce nylon. This includes improving energy efficiency, reducing air and water pollutants, optimal water and waste management, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  1. Awareness and education: Educating consumers about the correct recycling and safe disposal of nylon packaging can help them understand and act correctly on how to manage plastic packaging materials.
  1. Recycling Support: Establish proper collection and recycling systems for nylon packaging.

What are the features of the nylon packaging machine?

Nylon packaging production machine is a complex equipment that has many features. Below are some important features of the nylon packaging machine:

  1. Extruder: The machine for producing nylon packaging consists of an extruder that is responsible for the production and processing of nylon. This extruder has heating, melting and material transfer systems that melt nylon at the right temperature and pressure and produce it in the desired shape.

  1. Cooling system: After the nylon is produced, the machine must be able to cool it quickly so that it can be transformed into the final form of packaging. For this purpose, a cooling system is installed in the device, which removes heat from nylon through cold water or cool air.

  1. Control and monitoring system: The nylon packaging production machine is equipped with an advanced control and monitoring system that controls and monitors the performance and various parameters including temperature, pressure, speed and thickness of nylon. This system is very important to maintain the quality and accuracy of nylon packaging production.

  1. Molding and shaping: The nylon packaging production machine has the ability to shape nylon. This forming can include the production of nylon rolls, envelopes, covers and other forms of packaging.

What are the factors affecting the price of nylon packaging?

The price of nylon packaging is affected by several factors. Below I mention some factors affecting the price of nylon packaging:

  1. Price of raw materials: The price of nylon packaging is a direct effect of the price of raw materials that are used to produce it. The price of crude oil and natural gas, which are raw materials for nylon production, can have a great impact on the price of nylon packaging.

  1. Demand and supply: Demand and supply factors also affect the price of nylon packaging. If the demand for nylon packaging is high and the supply is low, the price is likely to increase. Also, factors such as seasonal changes and industry trends may affect supply and demand.

  1. Production cost: The costs associated with the production of nylon packaging, including the costs of labor, energy, maintenance and repair of devices and machinery, and other costs related to production, have an important effect on the final price. Any change in production costs can affect the price.

  1. Transportation costs: The cost of transportation of raw materials and products is also added to the price of nylon packaging. This includes domestic and international shipping, packaging and insurance costs.

What features should a nylon packaging manufacturer have?

The manufacturer of nylon packaging must have some key features to have a successful and satisfactory performance:

  1. Experience and expertise: The manufacturer must have sufficient experience and expertise in the field of nylon packaging production. It includes technical knowledge, production processes, raw materials and the use of advanced equipment and machinery.

  1. Product quality: The manufacturer must have the ability to produce high quality nylon packaging. The product must conform to industry standards and have important features such as strength, moisture resistance, product protection and recyclability.

  1. Production power: The manufacturer must have sufficient power and production capacity to be able to respond to market demand. The ability to produce in large volume, supply raw materials on time and have a suitable delivery time to customers are among the important factors.

  1. Innovation and development: The manufacturer must have the ability to innovate and develop in order to respond to market changes and customer needs. This includes designing and improving production processes, developing new products and improving quality.

  1. Customer support: The manufacturer must give special importance to the satisfaction of its customers. Providing after-sales service, flexibility in orders and active communication with customers are among the factors that should be considered.

What are the sizes and designs of this product?

Nylon packaging is available in a variety of sizes and designs, and can vary based on customer needs and the type of product to be packaged. Below you can see the common sizes and designs in nylon packaging:

  1. Width and Length Sizes: Wrapping nylon is usually available in different width and length sizes. The width size is usually between 10 and 120 cm and the length size can be determined according to the customer’s needs.

  1. Thickness: Wrapping nylon comes in a variety of thicknesses. The thickness of nylon wrapping may be between 20 and 200 microns (mm). The thickness used varies depending on the type of product and the protection needs of customers.

  1. Designs: Wrapping nylon usually comes in a variety of designs and patterns. These designs can include color, printed patterns such as logos, motifs or images. Designs vary based on product packaging needs, industry type, and customers.

  1. Packaging Type: Nylon packaging can be available in a variety of forms, including rolls, envelopes, wraps, cloths, and nets. Each type of packaging can have different features and uses.

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